A man who does not walk in our shoes cannot fully understand what has entered the white house, and what swamp muck he has dragged in there with him. I couldn’t write these words if I hadn’t ever worried about a paycheck and gone on unemployment; or been harrassed on the street/in a subway/at work; or if I hadn’t ever used Planned Parenthood’s services (Reminder: abortion is a mere 3% of the services they offer). This is NOT about abortion. I wouldn’t write these words if I didn’t have personal experience, and if I didn’t have family and friends that are gay, lesbian, self-employed, unemployed, underemployed, addicted, without health insurance, immigrants, muslim, in abusive relationships, in same-sex marriages, with pre-existing and potentially life-threatening health issues (do I really need to go on?)…

You’re right in a way. I’m truly lucky to have a good job right now that affords me the luxury of employer-sponsored health insurance and a stable roof over my head. I am grateful every day for my life as it is right now…and I also know that it’s all temporary. The bottom could fall out at any moment. No. I’m not apologetic for my anger at women for voting for T, and you’re wrong: I do understand their frustration with the system, and I do think we need a different kind of leadership in this country. What we don’t need is a narcissistic overgrown teenager who is more concerned with his ego, status and ratings than whether or not we have healthcare or affordable housing (yes, I do that in my spare time as well) or adequate public education and higher education and continuing education or accessible food that is actually nutritious…

So now we, fellow humans, have to band together to ensure that the hate and the inequality and the injustices stop. Yep. I’m priviliged to be able to make these observations. And I can’t do anything about that except try to help others because I can right now.

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Instructional Designer, writer, photographer, wanderer, reluctant but sometimes sparkly introvert, curious one, believer in magic. http://lesliwoodruff.com

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