I think that modern western society creates this paradox of want = need. When we really step back and think of what we need, it’s very little. We want the creature comforts. Some of us want to own every little thing so they can, what? brand it? put it on display on their front yard showing the world how much they’re worth?

We’re in a really good place right now, as a society, to take a giant step back and consider what’s important in this world. When we spend all of our time gathering up things and possessions and control, we lose sight of the sky and the trees and the magic that you talk about.

Do we need to own it all? No, I don’t think so. Do we need to appreciate it and drink it in and marvel at the sky and the sea and the forest and the minute little miracles and daily magic all around us and share those feelings with anyone who will listen? Yeah, we really need more of that.

Written by

Instructional Designer, writer, photographer, wanderer, reluctant but sometimes sparkly introvert, curious one, believer in magic. http://lesliwoodruff.com

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